A folk musical - book & lyrics by Rachel Kunstadt, music by Hali Alspach

Nancy Silver, haunted by her mother's (Frankie Silver) bloody past and shunned by her community, decides to journey up the mountain to her family's old, abandoned cabin to uncover any secrets it might hold about her past. When the Sheriff's son, Jeffry, follows her up the mountain, Nancy has to answer for a few secrets of her own.  Inspired by the folk story of Frankie Silver, hanged for killing her husband, "Frankie Silver" is the story of wrestling with the demons of your past and of the redemption the next generation brings. 


A "straight" play - by Rachel Kunstadt 

Pancakes/Cigarettes is a play about sexuality, identity, vices, self-acceptance, and New York City. Mara is a 24 year-old lesbian, fresh out of graduate school. Shortly after her girlfriend, Cori, breaks up with her, Mara finds herself attracted to the most unlikely of people: Rob, her straight, cisgender male coworker. Under the guidance of her friends Kate and Steve, Mara pursues a relationship with Rob, forcing her to question her sexual orientation and her identity.

Pancakes/Cigarettes was presented at Dixon Place in Manhattan's Lower East Side on January 15, 2015.

The production was directed by Rebecca Cunningham. 

Present Tense

A play by Rachel Kunstadt 

Jamie answers Talia’s ad on Craigslist for a roommate. The two women cohabitate in a small Manhattan apartment filled with panic attacks, secrets, lesbians, and brunch. 

Present Tense was presented as part of The Radioactive Festival of women writers at The Gene Frankel Theatre in the East Village on June 11 & 13, 2015. The production was directed by Jillian Carucci.

A cut from Present Tense was presented as part of the Salon Lounge at Dixon Place showcase in HOT! Festival on July 18, 2015. The presentation was directed again by Jillian Carucci.


Press Pause

an autobiographical musical about a teenager living with agoraphobia.

book & lyrics by Rachel Kunstadt

music by Heidi Joosten

We Met on the Stairs

a play about a May-December lesbian romance, as told to their therapist

by Rachel Kunstadt

© 2019 Rachel Kunstadt

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